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We rely on innovative, technical and chemical processes for surface refinement in order to meet the individual requirements of our customers with excellent quality and to enable a longer service life for the end products. The focus is particularly on long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear, but decorative and aesthetic aspects also play a role. Our comprehensive range of services includes coating techniques and finishing processes for a wide variety of metal surfaces such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc die-cast or steel. These include above all passivating, anodizing and chrome plating as well as galvanic zinc plating or the cathodic dip coating process (KTL). We are even the market leader in passivation and in the REACH-compliant Chromium III process.

Our tried and tested know-how around individual solutions for surface treatment is particularly valuable for our customers. This means that we can quickly adapt existing coating processes to new challenges and quickly develop new processes up to series production, in order to refine surfaces in a targeted manner. This means that customer-specific process adjustments are possible in a manageable time frame. In addition, thanks to ongoing innovation work, we can continuously open up new areas of application for our surface finishing processes and services. Last but not least, thanks to well thought-out and consistent quality management at our national and international locations, we can guarantee consistently high quality on different continents.

Challenge us and see for yourself.

The Heiche Group

The forerunner of today's Heiche Oberflächentechnik GmbH was founded in Schwaigern as early as 1965 and in the early years the chemical surface treatment of metal parts was the focal point of all business activities. Today, at Heiche, a wide variety of surface treatment and refinement processes are carried out on the most modern systems and in compliance with high environmental standards. The customers come mainly from the automotive, machine and electrical industries.

The primary goal at Heiche Oberflächentechnik GmbH is always the best possible quality in surface refinement so that we can fully meet the wishes of our customers and even exceed them.

The basis of our constant research and development are the excellently equipped laboratories for surface technology at our locations, which enable us to clarify almost all analytical questions in-house. As a result, customer-specific process adjustments relating to surface finishing are possible in a manageable time frame.

In 2018 Heiche Oberflächentechnik became one hundred percent in KAP AG and thus became part of KAP Surface Technologies. In this strong group of companies for surface finishing, the further organic growth of our traditional company is assured.

Within Germany, the Heiche factories in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saxony form a strong union with the factories of Metallveredlung Döbeln GmbH and Gt Surfaces GmbH. In addition, we are well represented as the Heiche Group with locations in the USA, Hungary and Poland.

company history


expansion of the location Heiche Poland and commissioning of one of the most innovative and efficient zinc-zinc alloy coating plants in Europe

new location in Heiche US in Jasper / Alabama


transfer of the Heiche Group to 100% in KAP AG and integration into KAP Surface Technologies


Heiche Poland: new construction of a passivation plant for aluminum, including with the innovative process of Alu Cast Protect

start of production of KTL coating at the new location in Pilsting (Bavaria) with a focus on coating aluminum structural cast elements Start of production and

Heiche US with KTL coating for steel and aluminum


10 year anniversary at Heiche Hungary

expansion of Heiche Bayern: construction of a second location in Pilsting (Lower Bavaria)


50th company anniversary:
from a one-man company to a globally positioned, medium-sized family business


opening ceremony of Heiche US

takeover of Alpha ISO GmbH and foundation of the Heiche Bayern GmbH & Co.KG in Hunderdorf.


foundation of the Heiche US Surface Technology LP plant in Spartanburg South Carolina


The HEICHEGROUP takes over 100% of Heiche-Matusewicz Sp.z.o.o.

At the same time, the name was changed to HEICHE Polska Sp.z.o.o.


new developments for the coating of magnesium with sol-gel, cathodic dip coating and passivations


start of production at Heiche - Matusewicz in Stanowice (Poland)


start of production at Heiche Hungary in Satroarlajujhely (Hungary)


opening of a technical center and installation of a photovoltaic system on site Heiche Schwaigern


start of production at the Heiche Leisnig plant (burnishing and phosphating)


successful certification according to TS 16949: 1996


installation of a new anodizing line at Heiche Schwaigern

Generation change:
At the turn of the year 1998/1999, company founder Gerhard Heiche passed responsibility for the company into the hands of the next generation. The sons Rüdiger and Gunter Heiche take over the management.


installation of new chromate line


entry into painting technology


new plant in Schwaigern, Dieselstrasse 10


entry into electroplating with the processes of burnishing and phosphating


1965 established as jewelry and silversmiths by Gerhard & Hannelore Heiche


We are the Heiche Group !

We are a traditional and innovative company in the surface industry.

At six locations in Europe and two locations in the USA, we offer a unique range of coordinated surface finishing processes. Most of these finishing processes focus on applications in various areas of the automotive supplier industry, mechanical engineering, and electrical and medical technology. Our core competencies - the refinement of light metals, steel and zinc die-cast products - are of course also of great importance in many other industries.

It is our goal to meet all customer requirements today and in the future by continuously optimizing and developing our processes and finishing techniques. That is why we not only deal with the development of practical, customer-oriented surface processes, but also offer an overall logistical concept.

Since 2018, the Heiche Group has been part of the KAP Surface Technologies group of companies, which unites several strong companies in the surface industry under one roof.
"Value-oriented corporate management is the basis of our day-to-day activities"

A corporate culture based on lived values: Like the entire group of KAP Surface Technologies, Heiche stands for a common understanding of values that form the basis of our actions.

Respectful treatment, integrity and responsibility towards the environment and the following generations are essential factors that shape our corporate philosophy. Dealing with our employees, customers and business partners is characterized by respect and respect for the other.


Both when adapting existing surface finishing processes to individual customer needs and when developing new processes for series production - the cooperation with the Heiche Group's process development department creates valuable synergy effects and ensures satisfied customers. The basis of our research and development are excellently equipped laboratories, thanks to which we can clarify all analytical questions in-house. As a result, customer-specific process adjustments are possible in a manageable time frame.


Honesty and fairness as well as open and respectful interaction with one another are fundamental factors that shape the cooperation between our employees and the interaction with our business partners.


We want to use the talent of our staff to achieve our goals. That is why we lead our employees in such a way that they are responsible for the results of their work and at the same time have the competence to initiate the necessary measures and make decisions in order to achieve these results.


We stand together behind the goals and guidelines of the Heiche Group. That is why leadership for us means exemplary work and impeccable behavior. Because we see ourselves as a team, we rely on communication at all levels and between all departments. In doing so, we prove that we can achieve greater success together than each of us could achieve on their own.


Heiche Umweltbewusstsein Green Technology

Environment & quality

Environmental awareness

Our manufacturing plants are located in the midst of intact landscapes. That is why we feel particularly committed to environmental protection. We practice active environmental protection for our customers, employees and future generations. Our production and water recycling systems are state-of-the-art in accordance with the WHG
(Water Resources Act). Modern flushing technology ensures minimal water consumption, valuable raw materials are recovered.

We cover a large part of our energy needs with our CHP (cogeneration unit), which is operated with renewable raw materials, as well as with our photovoltaic systems. This means that we take into account not only economic and qualitative aspects, but also aspects of environmental protection when finishing the surface. As a result, the group of companies has implemented a matrix organization for the environmental management system ISO 14001 and the energy management system in accordance with DIN EN 16001.

Quality assurance

As with environmental protection, quality control has a high priority in our integrated management system. It begins with the constant analysis of the pools according to the statistical process controlling system (SPC). In addition, we guarantee consistently good, reproducible quality in coating and surface refinement with state-of-the-art system technology.

In our well-equipped laboratories, we can carry out extensive measurements and tests ourselves at any time (e.g. layer thickness, climate test, salt spray test,
residual dirt analysis).

Heiche Group laboratory insights

Laboratory & technical center

The demands of our customers on the quality of the surface finishing are constantly increasing. In order to meet the resulting requirements, we attach great importance to the careful management and monitoring of our process baths. Because the control of new, highly complex process baths is a major challenge for analytics, we have gradually expanded all of the Heiche Group's laboratories in recent years.

We have had a grinding laboratory since 2008 and our own residual dirt laboratory since 2011. In addition, we were able to inaugurate a new central laboratory at the headquarters in Schwaigern at the end of 2015 and a new laboartory and R&D center at Heiche Poland since 2021. In the field of contract coating in particular, Heiche sets standards that go far beyond the usual standard analysis. We analyze all relevant bath parameters using several fully automatic titration machines, sometimes several times a day. We can answer further analytical questions with the help of our extensive analysis equipment park. This includes an ICP OES, which can perform multi-element analysis using plasma technology, as well as an ion chromatograph and an HPLC. Using a special X-ray gun, we are able to measure both defined elements and layer compositions directly in production.

In addition to the analytical questions, the customers' requirements for coatings are also regularly checked by salt spray and condensation tests in accordance with DIN or customer-specific specifications. Tests of the bondability of surfaces as well as layer thicknesses, roughness, micro-hardness and layer weight are routine tests that accompany the process. Naturally, environmental protection is a very important issue in the laboratory. The laboratory team looks after the in-house wastewater system and ensures that the wastewater from production is cleaned and discharged into the wastewater network in accordance with the statutory provisions. The monitoring is carried out by means of photometric measurements.

In the in-house technical center, it is possible to test new chemicals or processes in larger volumes. Here customers can have their original components sampled with new coating and surface refinement processes. Should new processes prove themselves, they will be integrated into the production systems after initial sampling. For example, all chromium (VI) -free processes were first tested in the technical center and then taken over into production.

possible test at Heiche Group & KAP ST

  • layer thickness protocol / test certificate
  • saltspray test according DIN EN ISO 9227
  • PPAP level 3
  • VDA submission level 2
  • initial sample test report (cover sheet)
  • initial sample test report
  • thermal shock test / adhesion test according according ISO 2819
  • heat exposure according TL217
  • surface tension using test ink
  • 100%-control
  • thread testing
  • plug gauge tests
  • kesternichtest according DIN 50018
  • PV-Test / climate change test (PV1209 and PV1210+PV1200)
  • lap shear test series: adhesion structural adhesive to coating after BMW-GS 97028-3 and BMW-AA 0428
  • layer thickness: specifications per BMW component QV and according BMW-PV 98028
  • cleanliness rating
  • lap shear test with climatic stress PR 308.2 according BMW-GS 97028-3 and BMW-AA 0428
  • lap shear test with climatic stress 240 h KKT (condensation constant climate test) according BMW-GS 97028-3 and BMW-AA 0428
  • climatic load on sample sheet 240 h KKT including cross-cut before and after, according BMW-GS 90011, BMW-AA 0213, AA 0180
  • filiform: corrosion resistance test according BMW-AA 0168
  • CASS-test LA SW 1 corrosion resistance test according BMW-GS 90011 und BMW-AA 0129
  • SCAB-test load: climate stress according BMW-GS 90011 and BMW-AA 0326
  • SCAB-test evaluation
  • REM-analysis
  • adhesive test
  • residual dirt analysis
  • cross cut: adhesion test, coating according BMW-GS 90011; evaluation according BMW-AA 0180 and DIN EN ISO 2409
  • SCAB-test evaluation
  • REM-analysis