Corona - NO THANKS !

Economic and social commitment in times of Corona

We act in accordance with the AHA rules and more!

Our health offensive has been in place at the Unterheinsdorf site at KAP Surface Technologies and Gt Oberflächen GmbH since 2019. True to the motto “Let's Health”, we provide all of our employees with a special “health drink” which is intended to protect and above all strengthen the immune system and thus your own defenses against all viral diseases. Our miracle is a special mixture of fresh ginger, lemon and honey and is used as a syrup in the fight against colds and flu-like infections. Our positive health statistics underline the effect.

However, in order to be able to contain the current pandemic as best as possible at all our locations and to be able to adequately protect our employees, we have introduced numerous additional precautionary measures with regard to the corona virus in parallel to our existing health offensive in the last few months and weeks. For example, the contactless transfer of shifts by our employees at the coating lines, the strict separation of shifts when registering and deregistering as well as during breaks, the provision of free self-tests and FFP2 respirators or the option to work in home office.

A prime example of empathy and social commitment in relation to corona protection is our Heiche location in Hungary, Sátoraljaújhely. Beyond its own “factory limits”, the local hospital, the rescue station, the health department and also the police station, has been supported with free disinfectant and face mask, by us.

We declare war on the corona virus - layer by layer!


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