E – Mobility at KAP Surface Technologies

At KAP Surface Technologies there is a sustainable corporate concept including design of resource-saving coating processes and workflows.

According to the motto "Green Technology by KAP", special attention is paid to the use of environmentally friendly chemicals, as well as highly ecologically oriented technologies.

In the course of this, all employees, customers, suppliers and business partners are warmly welcome invited to the new headquarters of KAP Surface Holding in Heinsdorfergrund near Zwickau to “Fill up with green”, because the local electric filling stations have been in use for almost 1 week now.

Within our group of companies, we are proud to be able to produce a large part of our electricity consumption ourselves, using environmentally friendly production systems such as CHP-plant, photovoltaics, biogas plant technology or wind power, or to have parts produced ecologically valuable, says Nicolai A. J. Baum - CEO of KAP Surface Holding.


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