Heiche Polska has taken a step towards energy independence

The company Heiche Polska Sp. Z o.o joined the Siechnice Energy Cluster. It is the first factory in the KAP Surface Technologies group that sets new directions for development in this field. The ceremonial signing of the agreement took place on January 11 at the seat of the energy company ESV S.A Siechnice, which belongs to the group of the largest and independent energy distributors in Poland. This includes on their initiative, in 2018, the Siechnice Energy Cluster was established and now it has grown by several new members, including Heiche Polska, which is one of the key recipients of energy supplied by ESV. "Heiche Polska is a modern company that recognizes the importance of energy management, its impact on the environment and, of course, costs. These elements allow you to build a competitive advantage on the market" - says Sławomir Nowicki, CEO of ESV S.A.

The energy cluster is a solution that allows us to face the current challenges in the field of distributed energy. Simply put, it enables the balancing of energy production and consumption in a given area, which reduces the burden on the national power system and reduces the need to transmit electricity over long distances. It is used to reduce energy costs and allow you to better care for the environment. As a consequence, the area covered by the operation of the cluster increases its competitiveness for investors and everyone benefits from it.

Belonging to KAP Surface Technologies, Heiche Polska is the first factory in the KAP ST group to take such an initiative and join the global trend of energy transformation. "We are proud that, as a company, we contribute to the development of projects that affect the changes in the current energy model towards creating a zero-emission economy, producing green and clean energy" says Piotr Kuśmierz, CEO of Heiche Polska Sp. z o.o. It is a huge step into the future not only for our factory, but also for the entire KAP Surface Technologies group. Thanks to this initiative, our factory sets new directions of development. We help in the development of distributed energy based on renewable as well as conventional energy sources, serving the improvement of energy security, the natural environment and strengthening the local economy.

Thanks to belonging to an energy cluster in the future, Heiche Polska will ensure the desired self-sufficiency and energy independence. This in turn will allow her to avoid e.g. problems resulting from limitations in electricity supply,  but also price fluctuations that appear more and more often on the market.

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