INDUSTRY 4.0 - Fully automatic traceability solution for SupplyChain

As part of our quality and price leadership offensive, we invest in all of our KAP ST plants in fully automatic loading and unloading solutions, sorting and packaging systems,
also with 100% traceability by means of fully automatic coding of the parts or reading out and linking existing codes of our from articles provided to customers.

We are proud in Schwaigern, that we increased our capacities and performance significantly since march, with our track and trace platform combined with a fully automatic one labeling, reading and packaging unit.

With this line, we have implemented a single-part traceability solution for supply chains, in which batches and order data of the manufacturer can be read out using our DMC and get
married with our production datas and at least completely passed on to our end customer -whether with another individual part marking in DMC form or via cloud solutions.
Any other error characteristics can be visually 100% checked in parallel and the quality level can be stored online via photograph.

Transparent supply chains are essential and we are connected to them with a fully automated line - well prepared for the future!


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