Jasper / Alabama: KAP Surface Technologies is investing two-digit million amount into a new mega-coating-line in Alabama USA.

Heiche US, being 100% the subsidiary of KAP Surface Technologies, started to plan the world´s most powerful and modern passivation plant just 6 months ago.

In a very short period of time, after KAP ST won the largest in its history order from Daimler (Tuscaloosa / Alabama), the appropriate production location, close to the biggest SUV Plant Daimlers / Tuscaloose, was found.

The team led by Jürgen Werner (project manager) and Dr. Christopf Klocke (CEO of Heiche US) spoke in favor of the highly developed or better to say expandable without limits industrial location in Jasper. The decision for this location was easily met after the personal visit of Nicolai A J Baum, CEO of KAP Surface Technologies,  and after following this approval of the local economical institutions. „We were convinced that the idea to allocate the new modern plant was absolutely right thanks to the participation and input of the Major of the city Jasper, in the name of Mr David O Mary, as well as assured support in recruiting and training of the personnel, and also because oft the numerous positive conversations with the successful entrepreneurs from Jasper.

Moreover we could immediately take over almost 5000 m2 of new building which we even doubled for another 5000 m2 of the production square. Together with our plant engineering partners we will be able to start the first pre-series production in Jasper already in the 3rd quarter 2021. A complete ramp-up in two-shift production is planned for 2022. In the year 2023 we plan to increase the work-force up to 100 employees, producing in three shifts every day, and to intend to supply daily our customers.

We are proud that our team, led by Mr Maik Staude, technical project manager, developed a so called cube-system, which offers our customers significant time and cost advantages.

Steel and aluminium parts with the size up to 3,5 meters can be placed in our cubes directly at the 1st tier (e.g. punch). These cubes will be delivered with the trucks to our production area and afterwards with the help of special unloading system (power and free) they will be transported directly to the line. Handling like loading and unloading, quality risks and delivery time will be reduced– underlines Mr Baum.

Since the core processes in our existing 7 German and 2 East European plants are going successfully and the most important positions in Jasper were taken over by professionals, we are convinced that we can meet high quality requirements, especially from Daimler and other OEMs moreover we can already plan further expansion in Jasper today.

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