KAP Surface Technologies is expanding the Heiche Polska production facility

Heiche Polska, a member of KAP Surface Technologies, is investing in the construction of an ultra-modern new electroplating line at the Stanowice site in Poland.

With the new coating line, Heiche Polska is expanding its portfolio with four additional processes: Alkaline zinc and acidic zinc as well as alkaline zinc-nickel and acidic zinc-nickel.
Thus, Heiche Polska will have one of the most innovative and efficient zinc-zinc alloy coating lines in Europe, which underpins the announced market leadership in electroplating.

"At KAP Surface Technologies we have decades of experience in the surface treatment of light metals (Heiche Group) and also in acidic and alkaline zinc / zinc alloy coating (Galvanotechnischeflächen GmbH). Chrome-VI-free chrome plating, also nickel-free, highly corrosion-resistant zinc plating (prozinc) in barrel and rack processing complete the portfolio with the Metallveredlung Döbeln plants. We also offer a variety of other surface treatments.", says Nicolai A. J. Baum, CEO KAP Surface Holding.

“The result will be a fully automatic rack coating system with automatic dosing of chemicals and a full traceability of the processes and procedures to ensure our zero - defect strategy ", adds Mariusz Skrzyniarz, plant manager and managing director of Heiche Polska.

At a time when others are scaling back their investments, KAP Surface Technologies invests counter-cyclically. The expansion of the production facility in Poland is expected to trengthen the position in Eastern and Central Europe. The already existing zinc / zinc alloy production at Galvanotechnische Oberflächen GmbH in Germany, which was inaugurated personally by Angela Merkel in 2013, is still one of the most modern production facilities of their kind and enables KAP Surface Technologies to transfer their know-how in the best possible way. "Orders, which have already been produced there for years - for important 1Tiers and OEMs - are already being delivered to East-Europe - mainly to Poland. So with the new investment not only production costs,  also logistics costs can be saved. Such a classic win-win situation in which the customers as well as the KAP Surface Technologies can save costs and time while maintaining quality, are the basis of the current investment decision" adds Nicolai A. J. Baum.

The new line in Stanowice will be completed according to plan in 2020 - despite Corona. A sales increase of more than 50% at Heiche Polska is already announced for 2021.


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