Mega coating plant in Jasper / Alabama right on schedule

Less than seven months after the start of construction of the world's most efficient and most modern passivation factory for light metal components, Nicolai A. J. Baum can look forward to the scheduled completion of the 10,000 m2 production facility and large component parts of the plant and drying technology.

The CEO of KAP Surface Holding traveled personally to a small, ceremonial and symbolic handover of the keys to the facility built by Dunn Construction, and thanked all companies and employees involved in the construction. ” I am proud of the newly created team in Jasper around our CEO Dr. Christoph Klocke.

In less than half a year, Dr. Klocke and HR Manager Dr. Alberto Romero have assembled an international team with decades of experience in the automotive supply industry, especially in areas of quality management, production and project planning, as well as manufacturing technology. During the days I was on site, I was convinced of the motivation and commitment of our team and contractors. I would like to thank you very much for the success that has been visibly achieved to date!" said Baum in a short speech.After the conclusion of management meetings, Dr. Alberto Romero took over the commercial management role with Heiche US. "I am very pleased that Alberto has added his  decades of experience to our management team," says Dr. Klocke, and adds that he is confident that the team that has now been assembled will be producing the first sample carriers and series samples at the Jasper site as early as September of this year. "

In less than 7 months of construction, this massive building project is nearing completion in parallel with the assembly of probably the most impressive and fully automated passivation system in the world sitting in a massive 60 by 40 meter deep pit.

The opening ceremony originally planned internally for autumn of this year, has been move to the spring in 2022, due to pandemic concerns, despite the scheduled start of series production in Q4 2021.

Stay tuned!


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