Successful debut - KAP Surface Technologies inspires at EUROGUSS

From 14th to 16th January 2020, KAP Surface Technologies presented for the first time at EUROGUSS in Nuremberg the comprehensive range of services of the three corporate brands GtO, Heiche and Metallveredlung Döbeln.

The offer at the big KAP ST booth 9-351 in hall 9 ranged from KTL and powder coating, anodizing, hard anodizing, copper-nickel-chrome, zinc and zinc-nickel coating to passivation and wet painting. There was particularly great interest in the various coating applications for light metals. In numerous personal conversations, existing contacts were strengthened and new connections were made.  The KAP Surface Technologies team not only impressed with absolute professional competence, they also showed exceptional host qualities, because for all visitors at the both there were delicious latte macchiatos and fruity KAP cocktails.

For Alien Reich, Marketing Manager of KAP Surface Holding GmbH, the EUROGUSS 2020 was a great success: „ We had an incredible number of productive discussions and many
guests also approached us with very specific inquiries. Now its up to us, to take the new contacts and fresh impulses, to make them usable in our daily business.

KAP Surface Technologies
KAP Surface Technologies is an international group of companies with a focus on innovative technical and chemical processes for coating and surface finishing of metals
like aluminum, magnesium, zinc die cast or steel. In addition to permanent corrosion and wear protection, also aesthetic requirements plays a major role. In passivation and in the
REACH-compliant chrome III process, KAP Surface Technologies is the market leader and due to the extensive know-how of the employees, existing processes can also be carried out quickly adapted to new challenges or new processes are quickly developed to series production.

EUROGUSS in Nuremberg is Europe's largest trade fair for die casting. It stands out  through their incredibly broad spectrum. With over 700 exhibiting companies it brings together nearly all representatives of the wholedie-casting value chain. The Eurogus is pulling regularly over 15,000 visitors to the fair to Nuremberg.


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