Surface technology process: Chemical paint stripping

When painting components, it can happen that the painted surface does not meet the required quality standards. Then, as a rule, the only thing that helps is stripping.

There are basically 3 different options for stripping:

a) Thermal paint stripping. The paint is burned at high temperature.
b) Mechanical removal of the paint, e.g. by sandblasting.
c) Chemical removal of the cured paint that is gentle on the component.

We offer chemical paint stripping at our two locations at Heiche Bayern. We have specialized in the stripping of paint from sensitive aluminum substrates with KTL coating. By using special organic paint stripping chemicals, it is possible to dissolve the paint in a targeted manner, but to put as little stress on the underlying substrate as possible.

This shows excellent results, especially with aluminum die-cast components. Supported by our experienced laboratory specialists, the chemicals used are permanently monitored and corrected accordingly if necessary.

We use this process for these materials:


This process is offered at the following locations:

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