Surface technology process: Chromium VI-free aftertreatment

In the case of chromium (VI) -free post-treatment, conversion layers are produced on freshly deposited zinc or zinc alloy coatings by treatment with a passivation. The freshly deposited coating reacts with the passivation solution to form a thin film (approx. 0.05 μm to 0.5 μm) of complex reaction products that protects the metallic coating. The formation of the passive layer can also cause iridescent effects on the component surface.

Possible follow-up treatments:

  • thick film passivation
  • transparent passivation
  • blue passivation
  • black passivation


We use this process for these materials:

Steel, Cast steel, Zinc die-cast

This process is offered at the following locations:

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Galvanotechnische Oberflächen GmbH

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