Surface technology process: Cathodic Dip Coating (e-coat)

Coating layers that are built through the cathodic dip painting process, have one of the best corrosion protection characteristics in the metal coating industry. They also have a uniform layer structure. We have coated the base material steel, aluminum, zinc and magnesium die-cast components with a layer thickness between 10 and 45 microns. Our modern e-coat equipment has an integrated pretreatment process that is accommodating to the respective materials. Our expertise, especially, is in the e-coating of magnesium cast alloys, in which we achieve excellent corrosion protection results. Through our patented rotating technology (Heiche Hunderdorf Germany), we are able to do electro coating from geometrically complex components.


We use this process for these materials:

Aluminum, Magnesium, Steel, Zinc die-cast

This process is offered at the following locations:

Heiche Bayern GmbH

Heiche Bavaria Hunderdorf
Hunderdorf / Germany

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Heiche Bayern GmbH

Heiche Bavaria Pilsting
Pilsting / Germany

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Heiche Sachsen GmbH

Heiche Saxony
Leisnig / Germany

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