Surface technology process: Zinc alcaline / acid

As a process for the refinement of surfaces, galvanizing is proven and versatile. It is the most widely used and most cost-effective method for achieving reliable corrosion protection for numerous areas of application. In order to achieve a high and constant quality standard, we manufacture in drum and rack systems with the latest control technology. For example, at the Galvanotechnischeflächen GmbH, highly ductile layers are applied in special high-performance electrolytes. Even difficult geometries (blind bores, scooping geometries) can be processed in a quality-assured and economical manner using special frames (automatic frames).

key data:

  • excellent layer thickness distribution even on complex shaped parts
  • predominantly functional coating
  • reduced edge build-up for ferrous materials

possible follow-up treatments:

  • blue passivation (CrVI-free)
  • thick-film passivation (CrVI-free)
  • black passivation (CrVI-free)
  • sealing


We use this process for these materials:

Steel, Zinc die-cast, Cast steel

This process is offered at the following locations:

Heiche Polska sp. z o. o.

Heiche Poland
Stanowice / Poland

phone: +48 (71) 726 24 88

Galvanotechnische Oberflächen GmbH

Heinsdorfergrund & Döbeln / Germany

phone: +49 (0) 3765 / 380 46 60
fax: +49 (0) 3765 / 380 46 20