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As a strong team, we in the Heiche Group bundle special skills and tried and tested know-how in surface coating and refinement. Each location works with a different focus. The Heiche factories in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saxony as well as the factories of Metallveredlung Döbeln GmbH and Gt Oberflaechen GmbH, which are part of KAP Surface Technologies, contribute very individual strengths. In addition, we can also offer highly specialized finishing processes in our locations in the USA as well as in Hungary and Poland, which complement our broad, cross-location range of standard and special coating processes. The Heiche Group's unique portfolio for the coating and refinement of surfaces results from the cross-location synergies.

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We refine surfaces. A wide variety of coating processes are available, depending on the desired result. The possibilities range from passivation to anodizing, zinc and zinc-nickel coating, cathodic dip coating (E-coat) to powder coating and far beyond.

Together we will find the optimal coating technology to coat or refine the surface of your material as required. Discover the full range of our surface coating and finishing processes now.

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Heiche Surface Services


Even with careful casting techniques, some castings can have some porosity, which makes parts for the intended application unusable. Through our modern methods of impregnation, it is possible to seal cracks and sinkholes. The impregnated parts are characterized by excellent temperature and pressure resistance as well as a very good chemical …

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The technical paints are applied in a spray process, whereby we use both our own and customer-specified paints. We paint on a wide variety of base materials and can choose from a large number of suitable pre-treatment systems that we have in-house. To protect the environment, we are increasingly using water-based paints. But we also use low-solvent …

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Adhesion Promotion

We can offer a process that promotes bonding characteristics from rubber-metal combinations. Depending on the base materials (steel, aluminum or plastics) we can process silane, phosphate and Cr (VI) -free conversion layers for different bonding systems. Our coating equipment can accommodate drum or rack handling, as well as we can produce a …

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Anodizing / Hard Anodizing

E coat anodizing generates an aluminum ceramic layer, through an electrolytic oxidation process. In comparison with the base material, the wear resistance increases tremendously. The process is also named as anodization. It can achieve a layer thickness between 3 and 70microns (0.11 and 2.8mil) depending on the procedure. The layers are …

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Cathodic Dip Coating (e-coat)

Coating layers that are built through the cathodic dip painting process, have one of the best corrosion protection characteristics in the metal coating industry. They also have a uniform layer structure. We have coated the base material steel, aluminum, zinc and magnesium die-cast components with a layer thickness between 10 and 45 microns. Our …

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Chemical paint stripping

When painting components, it can happen that the painted surface does not meet the required quality standards. Then, as a rule, the only thing that helps is stripping. There are basically 3 different options for stripping: a) Thermal paint stripping. The paint is burned at high temperature.b) Mechanical removal of the paint, e.g. by sandblasting.c) …

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Degreasing / Etching / Washing

We clean and activate metallic surfaces as a pretreatment for subsequent downstream processes such as gluing, bonding or welding. We use this developed material-specific method especially for light metals. Through various etching processes for aluminum and aluminum alloys, metallic clean surfaces can be achieved, which can provide excellent …

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Through the Conversion / Passivation coating, metals are covered with a non-metallic, Cr (VI) -free protective layer. In the HEICHEGROUP a variety of metal surfaces such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc die casting or steel can be passivated with a variety of procedures, including multi-metal pre-treatments. Conversion / passivation coatings offer …

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Phosphating, depending on the crystal structure, is very suitable as a primer for subsequent coatings. It improves drawing, sliding properties and also guarantees a temporary corrosion protection, especially in combination with suitable oil. In the HEICHEGROUP the following phosphates used:Manganese phosphate , Zinc phosphate & Zinc calcium …

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Powder Coating

Powder coatings are ideal for mechanically highly stressed parts due to their excellent stone chip and scratch resistance. Typical base materials are steel, aluminum, zinc die casting and cast iron. With a thickness between 40 and 100 microns, powder coatings also achieve excellent corrosion protection. In addition it has a great price-performance …

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Sol-Gel-Coating (Nano Technology)

Sol-gel and Nano coating layers are applied to specific pre-treated metal surfaces by a dipping or spraying procedure. Although the layer thickness is thin, the corrosion resistance is excellent. Also the Nano Coating has easy-to-clean properties and has great temperature and chemical resistance. Due to the multifunctional process method, we can …

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Additional services

in addition to our procedures, we offer many other services. These include: 100% controls extended workbench (assembly service) determination of residual dirt salt spray test / corrosion test training and Workshops annealing / tempering  

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Chromium VI-free aftertreatment

In the case of chromium (VI) -free post-treatment, conversion layers are produced on freshly deposited zinc or zinc alloy coatings by treatment with a passivation. The freshly deposited coating reacts with the passivation solution to form a thin film (approx. 0.05 μm to 0.5 μm) of complex reaction products that protects the metallic coating. The …

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Inside Rinsing of coolers

The internal rinsing of the cooler forms the background for the conductivity rinsing in fuel cell applications. The requirements of the OEMs for the conductivity in the cooling circuit are usually between 5 and 100 µS / cm. The conductivity of a coolant is around 2 - 6 μS / cm, deionized water is around 5 - 8 μS / cm. Since an unflushed cooler …

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Zinc alcaline / acid

As a process for the refinement of surfaces, galvanizing is proven and versatile. It is the most widely used and most cost-effective method for achieving reliable corrosion protection for numerous areas of application. In order to achieve a high and constant quality standard, we manufacture in drum and rack systems with the latest control …

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Zinc-Nickel alcaline & acid

The galvanically deposited zinc-nickel alloy meets the extremely high corrosion requirements of the automotive industry. This process is reliably commissioned in the most modern, fully automated systems. Zinc-nickle acid is predestined for the coating of cast steel.key data: high long-term corrosion protection, even under high thermal loads high …

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Almost 700 employees

The Heiche team consists of almost 700 employees at our locations in Germany and abroad. Each and every one of them brings expertise in their respective personal area and contributes to the fact that we as the Heiche Group can offer extraordinary complete services in surface coating and refinement from a single source.

By bundling global competencies, our customers benefit from unique synergies and can choose from an exceptionally wide range of coating and finishing processes. Discover now the diverse possibilities of surface finishing at the Heiche Group and test our incomparable know-how. We refine your surfaces.

Over half a century of experience in surface coating

The history of the Heiche Group goes back to 1965. Right from the start, coating and finishing were central issues in family Heiche's company, which initially operated as a jewelry and silversmiths. Over the years, the portfolio of techniques and processes for surface coating has been steadily expanded and new know-how has been continuously acquired.

With the change of generation in 1998, the course was set in the direction of expansion and the goal of market leadership in the area of surface finishing was firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy. We then expanded nationally before we also conquered the international market with agencies in Hungary, Poland and the USA.

approx. 700 employees


constant expansion

large portfolio


our goal:
market leadership

company history


expansion of the location Heiche Poland and commissioning of one of the most innovative and efficient zinc-zinc alloy coating plants in Europe

new location in Heiche US in Jasper / Alabama


transfer of the Heiche Group to 100% in KAP AG and integration into KAP Surface Technologies


Heiche Poland: new construction of a passivation plant for aluminum, including with the innovative process of Alu Cast Protect

start of production of KTL coating at the new location in Pilsting (Bavaria) with a focus on coating aluminum structural cast elements Start of production and

Heiche US with KTL coating for steel and aluminum


10 year anniversary at Heiche Hungary

expansion of Heiche Bayern: construction of a second location in Pilsting (Lower Bavaria)


50th company anniversary:
from a one-man company to a globally positioned, medium-sized family business


opening ceremony of Heiche US

takeover of Alpha ISO GmbH and foundation of the Heiche Bayern GmbH & Co.KG in Hunderdorf.


foundation of the Heiche US Surface Technology LP plant in Spartanburg South Carolina


The HEICHEGROUP takes over 100% of Heiche-Matusewicz Sp.z.o.o.

At the same time, the name was changed to HEICHE Polska Sp.z.o.o.


new developments for the coating of magnesium with sol-gel, cathodic dip coating and passivations


start of production at Heiche - Matusewicz in Stanowice (Poland)


start of production at Heiche Hungary in Satroarlajujhely (Hungary)


opening of a technical center and installation of a photovoltaic system on site Heiche Schwaigern


start of production at the Heiche Leisnig plant (burnishing and phosphating)


successful certification according to TS 16949: 1996


installation of a new anodizing line at Heiche Schwaigern

Generation change:
At the turn of the year 1998/1999, company founder Gerhard Heiche passed responsibility for the company into the hands of the next generation. The sons Rüdiger and Gunter Heiche take over the management.


installation of new chromate line


entry into painting technology


new plant in Schwaigern, Dieselstrasse 10


entry into electroplating with the processes of burnishing and phosphating


1965 established as jewelry and silversmiths by Gerhard & Hannelore Heiche

Heiche Umweltbewusstsein Green Technology

Green Technology

We attach great importance to respect, integrity and responsibility towards people and nature. That is why we are consistently committed to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of our valuable environment. This also means that we take ecological aspects into account in every single step of the surface refinement. As part of KAP Surface Technologies, we are committed to the motto "Green Technology by KAP".

Discover now how we keep our ecological footprint small and still achieve great things in surface coating every day.

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Coating standards & certificates

As a certified coater, we offer optimal quality, precision, adherence to deadlines and reliability.

We meet all the requirements of the industry and work according to the most modern production standards - not just superficially, but at every level.


extract from customer standards


  • GS 90010
  • PV 92049
  • PV 94024E
  • PV 97022
  • PV 98028-D

Daimler Benz

  • DBL 4952
  • DBL 6515
  • DBL 6516
  • DBL 7300
  • DBL 7381
  • DBL 7382
  • DBL 7390
  • DBL 7391
  • DBL 7398
  • DBL 7399
  • DBL 8400
  • DBL 8402
  • DBL 8422
  • MBN 10494


  • DIN 17611
  • DIN 50021
  • DIN 50902
  • DIN 50935
  • DIN 50961
  • DIN 50962
  • DIN EN ISO 1302
  • DIN EN ISO 2064
  • DIN EN ISO 2081
  • DIN EN ISO 2143
  • DIN EN ISO 2178
  • DIN EN ISO 2360
  • DIN EN ISO 2409
  • DIN EN ISO 2536
  • DIN EN ISO 2808
  • DIN EN ISO 2931
  • DIN EN ISO 3613
  • DIN EN ISO 3882
  • DIN EN ISO 3892
  • DIN EN ISO 4042
  • DIN EN ISO 4628
  • DIN EN ISO 6270
  • DIN EN ISO 7253
  • DIN EN ISO 7599
  • DIN EN ISO 8296
  • DIN EN ISO 8785
  • DIN EN ISO 9227
  • DIN EN ISO 9717
  • DIN EN ISO 10074
  • DIN EN ISO 10289
  • DIN EN ISO 10365
  • DIN EN ISO 11997
  • DIN EN ISO 12373
  • DIN EN ISO 12476
  • DIN EN ISO 13018
  • DIN EN ISO 19598
  • DIN EN ISO 26157
  • DIN ISO 16232


  • 13750
  • PTL 7555
  • PV 3347
  • PV 3678
  • TL 212
  • TL 218
  • TL 227
  • TL 235
  • TL 235
  • TL 240
  • TL 256
  • TL 260
  • TL 262
  • TL 82427
  • TL 82428
  • VW 01134
  • VW 01137
  • VW 96002
  • VW 96223

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